Scientific Biography

Dr. Marc Abboud excelled in his university studies; as he ranked first in Lebanon in the Administrative Informatics and IT field; along with obtaining a Certificate in Management and Marketing from the Canadian University (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi “UQAC”), and a Diploma in Computer Programming Languages. He has also received accredited certifications from the Microsoft International Corporation for Programming for achieving the highest level of experience on how to deal with the Microsoft software, and providing training courses that covers them. The experienced Trainer Dr. Marc Abboud expanded his studies to obtain a Master’s Degree in Contemporary and Modern History, as well as a Ph.D. in the History of Significant Figures (Historical Biography) and their impact on the historical environment within the course of the events of their chronological lives.

Practical Experience

  • Training in Management and Computer Science in Lebanon and Abroad

Trainer Dr. Marc Abboud served as a management consultant for many major leading companies; along with establishing and launching companies and entities by giving them organizational, managerial, and training consultations, as well as selecting and building the work team, and helping them develop the sales and marketing methods. He has also provided many public and private training courses to the employees of these companies. Dr. Abboud specialized in giving training courses in various fields, such as customer service, communication skills, sales, work etiquette, e-marketing, time management, the art of dealing, and the art of leadership, as well as private courses and information technology in general, and many other workshops and training courses. He has the expertise and competence to give training courses at all levels. He succeeded in giving many training lectures and workshops to telecom companies and off-shore banks; These courses covered the basic themes on how to take care of the customer, manage the customer relationships, and use the computer to implement the sales operations.


Establishment of Companies

Dr. Marc Abboud established companies such as 7Fits and Marketech in Lebanon and abroad, and they were distinguished by providing consultancy, training, translation, advertising and many other services. The success of any company can be seen through the number of its customers and their importance at the international markets level.

An Expert accredited by the Lebanese Courts in the Computer Science and Informatics Field

He was also selected as an expert accredited by the Lebanese Courts in the information expertise field; in order to prepare technical reports to be submitted to the courts in small and major cases after providing compelling evidence; along with giving advice to companies and institutions about the electronic infrastructure that they have to install.
In addition to providing advice on e-commerce and safety measures that must be taken to prevent any piracy operations that they may be exposed thereto.

Social Charitable Work

Dr. Marc Abboud founded and chaired the Cyclamen Charitable Foundation which aims at aiding people with tight living conditions through providing them with training sessions (free of charge) which allow them to learn new skills and improve their overall information literacy; in order to help them find jobs that will assist and support them. The graduates of this foundation excelled in all the companies they have joined.

The success of these training sessions resulted in building cooperation with the National Employment Office (NEO) attributable to the Lebanese Ministry of Labor for several years.

Cyclamen has also contributed in giving training courses for SMEs; in order to develop themselves and increase their sales; along with training women and men on national and international e-commerce.

Apart from the training, the Society, headed by Dr. Marc Abboud, was interested in social cooperation and fraternity through:

  • Visiting patients in hospitals and providing assistance.
  • Visiting the elderly and providing assistance
  • Visiting orphans and providing assistance.
  • Helping those affected by the Beirut explosion.